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"I’ve never felt like I fit in a single box. There are so many aspects to my art..I’m going to need more boxes."

Hi, my name is Victoria Obermeier and I am the owner of VG Custom Artwork. I’m a self taught ink artist, calligrapher, floral preservation creative, and handmade enthusiast. Growing up I would spend hours upon hours making handmade Valentine’s Day cards for everyone in my class. I’m happy to say my determination and love for making others smile has never left me. College was a huge turning point for me.  When I was bored in classes, which was more often than not,  I would doodle on my notes. I knew that sitting in an office cubicle was never going to make me happy. Even though I had only ever taken two basic art skill classes, something about being creative make me feel complete. After buying my first paper notepad, pens, and pencils I knew my life would never be the same.


I started my business in 2014 after only creating two drawings. I took those, and my childhood love for card making and ran with it. In 2017 I felt the need to make my handwriting more unique and defined. I taught myself modern calligraphy and have since then taught over 100 others brush lettering in my beginners workshops and worked with many soon-to-be married couples to help complete their wedding visions.

- Voted top 8 south Jersey artists by the Atlantic City press in 2017.

- First place winner at the Cape May promenade art show in the drawing category in 2018 and 2019.

-Featured in the Cape May Star and Wave 2018.

- Voted top 6 Shore artists you need to follow by SJ Magazine in 2018.

- Voted best of The Knot 2019 and 2020.


Meet Victoria

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